The National School’s Hip Hop Competition (NSHHC) is a nationwide competition that allows school-age children to compete for regional and national titles.

Presented by NZCAF, the competition offers two divisions:

  • the ‘Same Schools’ division is offered for crews where all dancers attend the same school.
  • the ‘Dance schools’ division is offered for crews where dancers attend different schools.

Created for, and working with New Zealand schools

Designed to suit schools

The competition is designed to fit within the school calendar and curriculum:

  • Competition dates are set to align with the school calendar
  • Performances can be a student, dancer, or teacher choreographed
  • Crews can be easily filmed for NCEA assessments if required
  • Single-sex schools can enter crews that include dancers from their brother/sister school.

Established, supportive and active

NZCAF has been running dance competitions for school-aged children since 2004 and is dedicated to supporting dancers and crews across New Zealand. The competition has a strong emphasis on participation while encouraging the latest Hip Hop styles and trends through it’s judging criteria and judge education.

NZCAF is a registered non-profit organisation governed by a committee of volunteers that include secondary school teachers, coaches, parents and internationally qualified judges. With the help of regional representatives across the country, NZCAF provides an active support network for crews and their supporters.

Membership to an federation that listens

Each dancer that competes at a sanctioned regional event becomes a member of NZCAF. The annual membership fee (per dancer) is included in competition entry fees.
NZCAF is governed by a committee of volunteers that is impartial and approachable, meaning that any concerns or disputes are handled in an appropriate and fair manner. Each year NZCAF holds an annual AGM which is open to all its members to attend, giving an opportunity for all voices to be heard equally.