2020 Video Qualification

In 2020 we are offering video qualification for crews who are more than 3 hours (one way) travel time from a regional event.

How the video qualification works

Crews enter online, and upload a video of their routine.

After entries close, our judging panel watch all the routines and announce who has qualified to attend the National Championships.

Entry fee

$10 per dancer
NOTE: This is the NZCAF membership fee. You will be sent payment instructions after completing your entry.

Entry form

Online entry form

Entries close August 10th 5pm

Video instructions

Please check the rules for routine length and crew size

Videos should be uploaded to our drop box folder by 5pm August 1st.

Name your video file with your crew team name when uploading in the entry form.


Ensure that your music track is clearly audible in the track.

Your video must be:

  • Less than one month old
  • A static shot – it must not pan or zoom.
  • Unedited – no cuts, edits or digital effects.
  • Lit with plain white lighting.
  • Less than 200 MB in size.
  • Of your crew only. It should not contain audience members, bystanders or other performances.


Sean Cresswell
NZCAF President