2019 auckland regionals

Event Information

Entry is open to any crews from the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and North.

The top crews will be selected to attend the 2019 National Schools Hip Hop Championships in Queenstown.

Categories available:

  • Small Crew (5-9 dancers)
    • Primary / Intermediate (Yr 4 - 8) : Same School
    • Primary / Intermediate (Yr 4 - 8) : Dance Schools
    • Secondary (Yr 9 - 13) : Same School
    • Secondary (Yr 9 - 13) : Dance Schools
  • Mega Crew (12 - 25 dancers)

Please ensure you have checked the current technical regulations prior to entering.

Organiser - Sean Cresswell president@nzcaf.com

Timetable - coming soon

Download the official event poster

Entries close 09/06/2019

No further entries will be accepted after 15/06/2019.

Entry fees

$20 per dancer
All entry fees include the NZCAF membership fee

A late fee of $5 per dancer is payable for any entries received after 09/06/2019.

Payment information

Sean Cresswell, GA Events

Entry fees are due 15/06/2019

Event entry refund & withdrawal policy

Withdrawals prior to 09/06/2019 are entitled to a full refund.
Withdrawals after this date are subject to a $10 per dancer processing fee.
Withdrawals after 20/o6/2019 will not be refunded.

Music upload

All crews must upload their music by 09/06/2019

Files must be cut to the correct length.
Please ensure you have checked the current technical regulations for the correct track / routine length.